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A creative, do it yourself workshop that teaches you how to paint playful portraits using a simple 4-step back painting technique on glass. You're guaranteed to go home with three amazing portraits of someone you know and love that will make unique gifts for the holidays. Space is limited so reserve your spot today, and bring a friend or two!

Michele Beschen

The unique opportunity to experience first hand, a fearless approach to creative expression led by one of the nation's most energetic, free spirited, do-it-yourself mavens, Michele Beschen. As the host and creator of two international how-to television series', she is excited to offer this exclusive opportunity!
"I've heard it time and again that the best way to learn something is to teach it, because to teach, you must really dig in and explore the subject at hand in order to genuinely explain it, translate it, and to ultimately expand upon it."

Her fearless approach to "doing it yourself" and "being yourself" is an approach that she lives by both personally and professionally.

She is guided by a belief that creativity is something we all have in common. It's ageless, it's timeless, it knows no gender or race and when expressed it can lead to amazing discoveries like a new technique, a new product, or a new business. She has made it her job to share those discoveries and to inspire people of all ages to have fun with their creative ideas and give them the courage to take action. Her daily focus is to take those creative efforts and ideas and apply them to an authentic, modern day approach to building a sustainable lifestyle for home, work and play. She celebrates the do it yourself life in an alluring way with practical attempts at being as self-sufficient as possible and then turning around and tailoring newfound perspectives for people of all lifestyles. "No matter what the endeavor, I personally have to be living it, breathing it, and doing it in order to be able to share it and talk about it - it's just how I work."

After a 9 year career in broadcast television, she established Simply Michele, Inc. (SMI) - a multimedia company on a mission to empower people to explore, express and exchange fresh ideas through rousing content platforms built around originality. Her unique ability to look at things differently and do things herself enabled her to combine her professional experience with her passion to develop her own television series. Working from her home studio, she launched the company's signature series "Michele Beschen's Courage to Create" in February 2003. In 2006, she launched her series "B. Original" on DIY Network and HGTV. Viewers have come to expect a series of creative ventures from her that are fresh, playful and unpredictable. Her newest series "b. organic" is steadfast in changing the way people view 'organic' and can be seen on public television stations across the U.S. as well as other stations around the world.
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