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A creative, do it yourself workshop that teaches you how to paint playful portraits using a simple 4-step back painting technique on glass. You're guaranteed to go home with three amazing portraits of someone you know and love that will make unique gifts for the holidays. Space is limited so reserve your spot today, and bring a friend or two!

Pop Art Portraits make perfect gifts for the holidays! Michele will teach you this simple four step backpainting technique that ANYONE can do. Make time for YOU and spend three precious hours in Van Meter, Iowa unleashing your natural creative side in an inspiring setting that encourages fearless expression, embraces mistakes and promotes a can-do, resourceful spirit.

This exclusive workshops offers a colorful window of time for you to play around with portraits and capturing expression in an effortless way.

Saturday, December 3rd 2011
408 Grant Studios
Van Meter, Iowa
WE provide the supplies (framed glass canvases, brushes and paint).
YOU provide a shared enthusiasm for creativity and doing things yourself.
No experience necessary.
You will go home with three artistic gifts for friends or family that you created yourself.

We will provide 3 framed glass canvases for each participant to work on. You are responsible for bringing 8x10 black and white photos of your subjects. Can simply be printed out on plain paper on home computers. Crisp photos are best to work off of, so bring the best resolution you can. We will also have practice headshots available to work from, if needed.

Our workshops go beyond just the project and expose you to new techniques and materials, how they work and the different ways you can use in other projects at home. The hands-on experience participants are exposed to throughout each class is priceless and rewarding. To be doing is to be learning and everyone that attends will walk away with an overflowing base of creative know-how that they can pull from time and time again. All workshops will invigorate a newfound appreciation for the artistic use of your hands, your mind, and your imagination. Carried out in a positive, friendly environment that celebrates the process, the materials and the possibilities. Leave your inner critic at home!
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